Home is one of the most precious things we have and requires a lot of time in all aspects. We live in it for most of our lives. To keep it in perfect condition, we must maintain cleanliness and care at bay and treat each of its elements with great care: doors, pictures, electrical appliances, walls, decoration, carpets, the taps. So many things inside the house are complicated for all of them to survive the most common damages.
Here you will find some typical repairs in our homes that require time to have them pending, and we also give you some solutions to these damages so that they do not become a headache later on.


We will have to find the origin of the problem. Usually, it is widespread in winter due to rain, wind, and humidity outside, also due to water leaks, broken pipes, or any faucet that is not in good condition and is causing water leaks. In this case, we will first have to scratch the affected piece of the wall so that the rotten paint comes out. Then we will go over that area with a cloth moistened with bleach. Once this is done, we will apply different paint or waterproofing products to prevent moisture from filtering back and reappearing those uncomfortable stains on the wall and the unpleasant smell that humidity produces.


When a plug or socket in your home begins to give problems, it is best to replace it with a new one. It usually occurs due to the continued use, especially when removing the plug from the sockets. We do so by pulling the cable sharply, which can cause short circuits. The first step will be to buy a new pin (it is best to take the old one to the electricity store to give you the correct one). When we are going to start manipulating the current, the first thing is to cut the electricity supply to avoid accidents and to be able to make the change correctly and safely. It is essential to verify if the changes made were perfect so that you do not damage your appliances and have more severe damage.


Over time, the facet joints lose their effectiveness, causing permanent dripping. It is counterproductive to try to close the tap forcefully to suppress the drip since we will damage the gasket more and deteriorate more quickly. The solution is to change the closing gasket, a piece of circular rubber that we will find when removing the trim. We can extract it either by pressure or, usually, by a thread. If the faucet continues leaking after changing the gasket, the fault is transferred to other parts such as the jet breaker or the aerator screwed to the spout and may have become dirty with the lime from the water. If we know how to locate them, we will clean them well, and if necessary, we will replace them.


Ceramic tiles can break when a heavy object falls or fade slowly over time due to shoes’ coming and going and inappropriate cleaning products. For this reason, it is always good to save some replacement tiles in the initial work of the home. The replacement of broken or worn tiles is a relatively simple process: we will remove the damaged tile very carefully, previously removing the cement from the joints with a spatula, and once this is done, the tile must be broken with an awl, hammer, or a circular saw for its correct extraction. Finally, we will clean the area well and proceed to adhere to the new tile.


Those small holes and fissures that leave their mark on all the home walls must also be repaired for both aesthetic and precautionary reasons. For this, we will use putty for the wall or plaster if necessary. First, we will sand the affected wall, clean the dust well and apply the product until the hole is filled. Then, we will smooth it with the help of a trowel and let it dry. Possibly later, it will require a little paint.


Another of the significant damages and headaches is when a pipe breaks and an entire room becomes flooded. It can also happen that the line occasionally leaks or leaks and ends up damaging the wall. To repair it, we have to find the vanishing point. If it is at the junction of several pipe parts, we will tighten the pipe well. If this were not the case, we would have to cover and seal the leak; if the damage is very significant, it is best to hire a plumber since these damages are of excellent care and deserve the experience of a professional.

These are some of the most common repairs that happen in our homes since many more occur. Remember the advice we gave you so that you can solve them, but it is always better to leave everything in the hands of an expert like ADAN’S SEAMLESS GUTTERS, who have the best experts in everything related to repairs and repairs in your home. Keep in mind that your home is essential and therefore deserves the best care and the best experts.